• We implement digital solutions and build capacity to achieve Operational Excellence

  • Digital Solutions

    We formulate, co-create, co-innovate and implement novel digital solutions to enhance operational excellence.

    digital solutions

    Digital Solutions

    We have established a relationship with tens of national and international ICT - companies which capacity is on emerging technologies.


    Proposal writing

    We formulate the proposal together with the end customer and/or consortium partners.




    Consortium building

    We help to gather a strong consortium for national and international projects.



    We manage the EU - and national funding instruments to gain external funding


    Project delivery

    We carry out practice-oriented research, engage stakeholders and contribute sustainable implementation


    Smooth project flow

    We take care of the necessary back office tasks of the project

  • Capacity Building

    We carry out Lean and Six Sigma trainings for production- and especially service businesses to enhance their operational excellence.


    Lean training

    Continuous Improvement training options from few hours up to several months programme.


    Six Sigma training

    The training products are Green Belt, Yellow Belt and White Belt

  • We achieve more together

    Smart & Lean collaborates with several companies and experts who have outstanding capacity on their own domain. Let me introduce briefly myself and my network.

    Tuula Löytty

    Master of Science (Technology), Industrial Engineering and Management

    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Lean Bronze Certified

    Appsolute Solutions Finland Oy

    Management Institute of Finland

    Savant Simulators Oy

    Czech Center for Science and Society

    Czech Center for Science and Society

    Ceriffi, quality, laatu

    Ceriffi Oy



    JTO johtamistaidon opisto

    Johtamistaidon opisto

  • Horizon 2020 - Future Oriented Collaborative Policy Development for Rural Areas and People PoliRural

    The PoliRural project aims to explore and pilot text mining, innovation hub and system dynamics to support political decision making in order to develop the rural areas more attractive to live and work. One of the project's 12 pilot areas is Häme in Finland covering both Kanta- and Päijät-Häme regions.

    Horizon 2020 - PoliRural web-page

    Horizon 2020 EU

    The Horizon 2020 project PoliRural started 1.6.2019

    Smart & Lean will contribute to a wide Horizon2020 project for the next three years. The purpose of the project is to build rural policies. Czech University of Life Sciences Prague coordinates the project. Interesting 3 years ahead with 37 partners.

    h2020 polirural

    The PoliRural kick-off event in Prague 19.-21.6.2019

    Text Mining, Innovation Hub and System Dynamics to enhance policy decision making to make rural more attractive to live and work.

    h2020 polirural

    The PoliRural kick-off event in Prague 19.-21.6.2019

    The consortium in one picture

    h2020 polirural

    PoliRural roll-up visualisation 20.8.2019

    The consortium in one picture

  • What is going on? 

    Development & Experiments & Cooperation

    meeting in avenla

    Eye4Diabetes group meeting in Avenla Oy 18092019

    Click the image!

    Design thinking

    Eye4Diabetes second meeting 14.8. A great discussion of the occupational healthcare ecosystem. We are proceeding on

    the Design Thinking process.

    mydata occupational preventive health service 2type diabetes


    An experiment which explores usage of the voluntarily collected personal data (MyData) at the occupational preventive health services to prevent 2-type diabetes.

    palvelumuotoilu sami makkula

    The Finland 4H Federation is exploring if all agriculture plastic waste could be collected


    africa social space platform agriculture smart

    Social Space for Smart Agriculture in Africa

    circular economy plastics agriculture livestock silage animal feed

    Bale Wrapping Plastics and Circular Economy

    circular economy plastics agriculture livestock silage animal feed

    Bale Wrapping Plastics - Trello as a Virtual Living Lab 

    Podcast - Finnish Red Cross - Blood Service, Tarja Järvinen

    Podcast - Päijät-Hämeen Tekstiilihuolto, Arja Suomalainen

    sote logistics final report

    The voice of social- and healthcare logistics - the final report

    Milano Triennale 2019 video

    sairaala tarja salminen

    In-house logistics Tarja Salminen


    Pharmacy in-house logistics and future visions by Paula Karlsson

    Machine vision for bird identification - Strengthening the nature relationship of young people

    circular economy plastics agriculture livestock silage animal feed

    Bale Wrapping Plastics and the Initial Value Stream

    The voice of social- and healthcare logistics

    Evaluation of the disability performance

    APW agriculture plastic waste circular economy

    Podcast - Service Designer Sami Makkula

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